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Here 'my husband' put down the candle he carried, and with a sidelong look at his guest stooping over his knapsack, gruffly gave him the instruction,
The legal gentleman, in the interests of his client cannot allow much time for this purpose, as the lady rather thinks she knows somebody prepared to put down six thousand pounds; but he says he will give Veneering four hours.
I put down the mouthful that hesitated upon my lips, and listened.
repeated Dolokhov, and as if about to tell a good story he put down the cards, leaned back in his chair, and began deliberately with a smile:
The old chronicles did not weave their history into stories, they simply put down a date and something that happened on that date.
Semirara disclosed to the Philippine Stock Exchange on Friday that units 1 and 3 of its 900-megawatt coal-fired Calaca Power Plant complex had been put down for unplanned outage.
A DOG owner who allowed his Labrador to suffer with a tumour for at least six months before she had to be put down has been caged for 60 days.
TWO Army dogs who retired after serving in Afghanistan are to be put down because they cannot be re-homed, it is reported.
A BIRD had to be put down after damaging its wing when it got stuck to a freshlypainted rugby crossbar.
Those who put down a deposit now will not get their car until next year.
FIRST-TIME buyers in the North East need to put down an average deposit of PS18,594 a report has found.
FIRST-TIME buyers make up nearly half of all house purchases financed by a mortgage but those taking their first step on the property ladder need to put down a PS33,000 deposit on average, a report has found.