Panic Button

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A silent remote alarm used to alert security personnel located at a distance of the need for help in managing a violent patient
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Perry is anxious Tynemouth take no chances this season, though he insists that the club are not pushing the panic button.
It is believed he ran to his neighbour's home at around 11pm on Thursday after pushing the panic button in his EUR360,000 house at Castleview, Castleconnell, which Dolores bought him after her EUR106million win two and a half years ago.
A nurse came and I remember her pushing the panic button.
And, as he blasted back at PSG president Francis Graille's verbal assault on the club, Kenyon also stated no-one was ready to start pushing the panic button in the hunt for new recruits, ruling out any chance of a last-ditch bid to sign Blackburn's Damien Duff.
Barker is not pushing the panic button, though, as they enter the Christmas period.
Now we're hovering above the danger zone - although there is no question of pushing the panic button.
I have three goals so far and maybe I should have more, but I'm not pushing the panic button just yet," he said.
I'm certainly not, however, pushing the panic button.
They all deserve more than seven or eight games yet the sad fact is that Premiership chairmen are pushing the panic button quicker than ever before because there is potentially pounds 100m at stake.
We have learned some harsh lessons and we understand how people feel, but Duncan has done a fantastic job and no-one should be pushing the panic button.