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1. pertaining to or consisting of pus.
2. containing pus.
3. suppurative.
4. caused by pus.


(pyūr'ŭ-lĕnt, pyūr'ū-),
Containing, consisting of, or forming pus.


(pyo͝or′ə-lənt, pyo͝or′yə-)
Containing, discharging, or causing the production of pus: a purulent infection.

pu′ru·lent·ly adv.


1. Containing or consisting of pus, exudate.
2. Suppurative, pusy.


Containing, consisting of, or forming pus.


Pertaining to PUS.


Consisting of or containing pus
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Evacuating all the purulent material and keeping the pouch empty is the goal.
Surgery was performed in 7 including excision of intrapericardial xanthogranuloma, pericardial tissue biopsy in a child with restrictive cardiomyopathy, and 5 patients with purulent pericarditis who underwent drainage procedures including pericardiotomy and mediastinal exploration for mediastinal fluid drainage and removal of adhesions in 2 patients (Table 2).
Purulent pericarditis is a rare and serious condition with a high chance of complications and mortality.
The examination results of LDH, CK and LA between the two groups: The examination results of the cerebrospinal fluid demonstrated that, the LDH concentration of the tubercular meningitis group was the highest, the CK concentration of the purulent meningitis group was the highest, and the LA concentration of the tubercular meningitis group and purulent meningitis group was higher than the other two groups.
Odontogenic phlegmon of the mouth floor is an acute, purulent, disseminated inflammation of the loose connective tissue, spreading quickly, without marked borders, affecting submandibular, submental, and sublingual spaces, which can develop into the most severe, frequently life-threatening form of purulent inflammation [7].
After antibiotic therapy was completed, the endoscopic examination revealed resolution of the purulent drainage and the presence of a narrowed, slit-like sphenoid sinus ostium (figure 1, C) with mild edematous swelling along the lateral aspect of the ostial opening (figure 1, D).
A significantly higher number of patients (p less than 0.05) in control group B (seven patients) developed purulent discharge from wound site as compared to study group A (one patient).
Mucoid and purulent nasal discharges are caused by the presence of foreign matter such as grasses or weeds in the nose - this usually results in sneezing and pawing at the nose when first inhaled but over time you may only see nasal discharge and occasional sneezing.
Clinical signs of infection are heat swelling purulent discharge or pain.
Adenovirus is usually the cause of viral conjunctivitis and does not cause eyelid matting and no purulent drainage.
The guidelines, drafted by a 10-member panel, offer a novel algorithm for management of nonpurulent and purulent infections that defines a pathway for mild, moderate, and severe infections in each category.