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1. Synonym(s): uroerythrin
2. A violet stain related to alizarin by addition of a 4-OH group to alizarin; found in madder root and other members of the Rubiaceae; used to detect calcium salts, boron, and as a histologic stain. Synonym(s): alizarin purpurin
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In addition to studying purpurin, they are looking at other organic substances that may lead to the production of greener batteries.
Best of all, purpurin also turns out to be a no-fuss ingredient.
Liquiritigenin Antioxidant, age spot Psoralea corylifolia Psoralen, Bavachinin Anti-inflammatory Rumex maritimus Rumarin, Chrysophanic acid Skin whitening Rubia cardifolia Purpurin, Munjistin Anti-inflammatory Terminalia arjuna Arjunic acid Antioxidant Terminalia chebula Chebulagic, Chebulinic acid Antioxidant Tinospora cordifolia Tinosporine, Tinosporide Anti-inflammatory Tamarix gallica Tamarixin
Scientists at Louisiana State University have demonstrated the in-vitro inhibitory activity of the Bowman-Birk inhibitor from soybean and rice, ellagic acid from grapes, black bean tannins, thymoquinone from black seeds, purpurin, and phytic from cereals and legumes against angiogenesis stimulators such as the matrix metalloproteinase-1, -2, and -9, and cancer cell proliferation.