purposeful movement

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purposeful movement

Motor activity requiring the planned and consciously directed involvement of the patient. It is hypothesized that evoking cortical involvement in movement patterns during sensorimotor rehabilitation will enhance the development of coordination and voluntary control.
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an act of moving; motion.

movement abnormality
includes involuntary movement, lack of flexion or rigidity, hyper- or hypometric.
active movement
movement produced by the animal's own muscles.
ameboid movement
movement like that of an ameba, accomplished by protrusion of cytoplasm of the cell.
associated movement
movement of parts that act together, such as the eyes.
brownian movement
continuous movement of particles suspended within a liquid.
conjugate movement
two parts moving synchronously in the same direction, e.g. the eyes.
disjunctive movement
two parts moving synchronously but in opposite directions.
involuntary movement
a movement which the animal is unable to prevent.
molecular movement
the peculiar, rapid, oscillatory movement of fine particles suspended in a fluid medium.
passive movement
a movement of the body or of the extremities of an animal performed by a person without voluntary motion on the part of the animal.
purposeful movement
see voluntary movement (below).
vermicular m's
the wormlike movements of the intestines in peristalsis.
voluntary movement
performed out of the will of the animal; an intentional purposeful movement.
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Student preference, instrument location, type of movement, and musical feedback are all considerations for music professionals striving to increase a student's purposeful movement through playing musical instruments.
Music activities can provide a motivating, complementary learning modality for students with visual impairments to increase and improve purposeful movement.
Thus, in the group purposeful movement, we also do not require all members to stay close to the leader.
6, further requires some specific mechanisms to initiate the purposeful movement of a group and deliver packets effectively along the newly established connection.
Corbitt and Carpenter (2006) also addressed purposeful movement in a science classroom.
Kreiser and Hairston (2007), Corbitt and Carpenter (2006), and Plummer (2008) demonstrated how purposeful movement in the content area of science could improve students' learning outcomes and attitudes.
The key symptom is purposeful movements done while in a state of partial awakening from deep sleep.
Over the next two weeks, it became clear that Jim was in a persistent vegetative state with no purposeful movements.
Achieving smooth, purposeful movements will require proprioceptive feedback.
By 20 weeks, we should see purposeful movements, like a hand opening and closing or sucking a thumb.