purposeful activity

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1. the quality or process of exerting energy or of accomplishing an effect.
2. a thermodynamic quantity that represents the effective concentration of a solute in a non-ideal solution. Symbol a.
3. the number of disintegrations per unit of a radioactive material. Symbol A.
4. the presence of recordable electrical energy in a nerve or muscle.
a's of daily living (ADL) activities that are necessary for daily care of oneself and independent community living. It includes using the toilet and grooming, dressing, and feeding oneself; independent community living includes driving, shopping, homemaking, care of family, work activities, and so on. See also self care, self care deficit, and self care assistance.(See accompanying table.)
deficient diversional activity a nursing diagnosis approved by the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association, defined as the experiencing by an individual of decreased stimulation from, interest in, or engagement in recreational or leisure activities. Formerly called diversional activity deficit. Possible causes include prolonged hospitalization or immobility at home, frequent and lengthy treatments such as renal dialysis, and a monotonous, nonstimulating environment. The patient usually gives subjective evidence that this condition exists by verbalizing a feeling of boredom or stating a desire for something to do or gives objective evidence by acting depressed or restless.

Nursing interventions that could be appropriate for diversional activity deficit include interviewing the patient to assess the current situation and to assist in developing plans for activities that provide interest and stimulation. These activities could include music, games, reading, handwork, or any other pastimes enjoyed by the patient. Patients may need assistance in identifying available resources and motivation to take advantage of the activities they provide.
enzyme activity the catalytic effect exerted by an enzyme, expressed as units per milligram of enzyme (specific activity) or molecules of substrate transformed per minute per molecule of enzyme (molecular activity).
malignant ventricular ectopic activity ventricular fibrillation or ventricular tachycardia with syncope, heart failure, myocardial ischemia, or hypotension.
optical activity the ability of a chemical compound to rotate the plane of polarization of plane-polarized light.
physical activity bodily movements, such as those accompanying activities of daily living.
pulseless electrical activity (PEA) continued electrical rhythmicity of the heart in the absence of effective mechanical function; it may be due to uncoupling of ventricular muscle contraction from electrical activity or may be secondary to cardiac damage with respiratory failure and cessation of cardiac venous return. Called also electromechanical dissociation.
purposeful activity in occupational therapy, tasks or experiences in which the individual actively participates that require and elicit coordination between the sensory, motor, cognitive, and psychological systems. Each person has a unique set of purposeful activities, influenced by his or her life roles, and, when doing one of them, directs attention to the task itself rather than to the internal processes involved. Activities may yield immediate results or may require sustained effort and repetition, and they may either represent new responses or be part of complex, longstanding patterns of behavior.
sustained rhythmic activity the continuous generation of action potentials within the heart in the absence of artificial or external stimulation.
triggered activity activity in which nondriven action potentials arise from afterpotentials that were caused by the previous action potential.
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purposeful activity

The goal-directed use of time, energy, or attention that involves a person's active participation. Purposeful activity often involves a social environment (others), a physical environment (objects, tools, and materials), and a process, which often results in a product.
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IMPROVING: Altcourse Prison staff encourage inmates with 'purposeful activity'
Portfolio development is not a scavenger hunt that results in the creation of a scrapbook, but a responsive and purposeful activity that engages reflective capacities of preservice teachers.
The Justice Secretary will also give governors new powers to tackle "lack of purposeful activity" amongst inmates by focusing more on their education.
The inspection found that outcomes for women were good or reasonably good against each of HMI Prisons' four main tests - safety, respect, purposeful activity and resettlement - though there was room for improvement in each of the areas.
The inspector's report praises the jail for improving in "safety, respect, purposeful activity and resettlement".
"Our project is an attempt to engage young people to participate in a purposeful activity which can benefit people less fortunate in the Third World."
Ms Owers said, "Staff at Ranby deserve credit for managing a massive expansion programme and for ensuring prisoners continued to be generally well-treated and provided with purposeful activity. However, it has not been an easy process, with safety and control hampered by a serious drugs problem and slow progress on resettlement.
A HM Chief Inspector of Prisons report found that Parc prison and young offenders' institute, in Bridgend, was unable to meet the inspectorate's tests of safety, respect and purposeful activity.
"However, in many other areas, including purposeful activity and resettlement, staff and managers are to be commended for what they have achieved."
NOccupational therapists assess and treat people using purposeful activity to prevent disability and promote independent function.
Liverpool was failing to do this satisfactorily,offering education to only 18pcof prisoners and levels of purposeful activity significantly lower than other similar prisons.