purified water

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1. a clear, colorless, odorless, tasteless liquid, H2O.
2. an aqueous solution of a medicinal substance; called also aromatic water.
bound water water in the tissues of the body bound to macromolecules or organelles.
distilled water water that has been purified by distillation.
free water that portion of the water in body tissues which is not bound by macromolecules or organelles.
water for injection water for parenteral use, prepared by distillation or reverse osmosis and meeting certain standards for sterility and clarity; it may be specified as sterile if it has been sterilized and as bacteriostatic if suitable antimicrobial agents have been added.
purified water water obtained by either distillation or deionization; used when mineral-free water is required.

pu·ri·fied wa·ter

water obtained by distillation or deionization.

pu·ri·fied wa·ter

(pyūri-fīd wawtĕr)
That water obtained by distillation or deionization.

pu·ri·fied wa·ter

(pyūri-fīd wawtĕr)
Water obtained by distillation or deionization.
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While production of Water for Injection (WFI) has been limited almost exclusively to distillation (mostly due to FDA requirements), Purified Water generation has evolved slowly from IX based systems in the 1970's and 1980's to RO based systems is the mid 1980's through today.
The laboratory water purification system RiOs-DI 3-UV accommodates all purified water needs.
Contract awarded for purified water and demineralized, see bases.
This system is also utilized whenever the incoming tap water contains more than 170 ppm of total dissolved solids and/or the Type I purified water usage exceeds 20 L/day or 100 L/week Models include analytical, biological, ultra-low TOC, and ultra-low TOC biological.
Contract awarded for acquisition purified water, dispatching irtra agua caliente, km.
Tenders are invited for Expedited Purified Water Program - Environmental and Permitting Support Services