purified water

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1. a clear, colorless, odorless, tasteless liquid, H2O.
2. an aqueous solution of a medicinal substance; called also aromatic water.
bound water water in the tissues of the body bound to macromolecules or organelles.
distilled water water that has been purified by distillation.
free water that portion of the water in body tissues which is not bound by macromolecules or organelles.
water for injection water for parenteral use, prepared by distillation or reverse osmosis and meeting certain standards for sterility and clarity; it may be specified as sterile if it has been sterilized and as bacteriostatic if suitable antimicrobial agents have been added.
purified water water obtained by either distillation or deionization; used when mineral-free water is required.

pu·ri·fied wa·ter

water obtained by distillation or deionization.

pu·ri·fied wa·ter

(pyūri-fīd wawtĕr)
That water obtained by distillation or deionization.

pu·ri·fied wa·ter

(pyūri-fīd wawtĕr)
Water obtained by distillation or deionization.
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They will also have the opportunity to get a coupon toward the purchase of Nestle Pure Life Purified Water, and enter the Hydration Movement sweepstakes for a chance to win the Grand Prize of a trip for a family of four to either Universal Studios Hollywood or Universal Orlando Resort, or one of one hundred First Prizes, each consisting of a one year's supply of water.
Let them taste the various brands and sec if they can tell the difference in flavor when it comes to purified water versus spring water.
Furthermore, purified water from a point of use machine could really give your employees a helping hand to pursue their summer slimming goals.
Tenders are invited for Multi Functional Water Purifier With Two Taps,With Option Of Cold Purified Water/Hot Purified Water,Weight: And Lt 25 Kg, Uv Lamp:8 Watt,Working Voltage Range:220V Ac,50Hz,Power Of Heater:550 Watt,Power Rating Of Compressor:90 Watt,Input Water Pressure:0.
Kinetico launches Purified Water blog/video with nationally renowned chef
The GENESYS hot water sanitizable purified water generation system features: modular design that enables easy and low cost upgrade to higher flowrates; sophisticated GAMP5 control system with large color, touch screen HMI; USP and EP compliant for purified water; full FAT, IQ and OQ prior to shipment; RO/EDI recycles to minimize water sent to drain; built-in CIP cycles; water quality of <0.
Mountain Green products are made with purified water and nontoxic, plant-derived ingredients to handle the majority of laundry needs.
Speaking at its market address last week, Coca-Cola Enterprises marketing director Norman Brodie said that purified water still represented a potentially massive market in the UK.
Drinking filtered and purified water removes toxins and waste products from the body and maintains healthy skin and nails.
Nestle Pure Life is also offering consumers a $1 off coupon toward the purchase of Nestle Pure Life Purified Water, while supplies last, and the opportunity to enter a sweepstakes for a chance to win the grand prize trip for four (4) to Miami to meet Cristina Saralegui, plus free Nestle Pure Life water for a year.
The emergence of reverse osmosis (RO) as a primary deionization technique since the 1980's has all but eliminated the use of regenerable deionization for USP Purified Water production.
According to the study, conducted by University of Geneva researcher Catherine Ferrier, "Since a category called `purified water' is drawn from rivers, lakes or underground springs and then treated, there is little difference between purified water and municipal tap water, except in the distribution method and retail price.