purified cotton

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1. a plant of the genus Gossypium.
2. a textile material derived from the seeds of this plant.
absorbable cotton oxidized cellulose.
absorbent cotton (purified cotton) cotton freed from impurities, bleached, and sterilized; used as a surgical dressing.
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pu·ri·fied cot·ton

absorbent cotton in which the hairs of the seed of varieties of Gossypium and other allied species are freed from adhering impurities, deprived of fatty matter, bleached, and sterilized; used for tampons and other purposes.
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pu·ri·fied cot·ton

(pyūri-fīd kotŏn)
Absorbent cotton in which the hairs of the seed of Gossypium are freed from impurities, deprived of fatty matter, bleached, and sterilized.
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Barnhardt has been a long-term supplier of Purified Cotton going into critical medical care, feminine care and consumer care products for many years with a demonstrated history of safety.
"Our Purified Cotton products are also recognized for their softness and resilience in nonwoven fabrics," Hargrove says." Further consumer perceptions of cotton as a soft, natural and comfortable fiber are confirmed by their long association with cotton in apparel and bath towels, washcloths and sheets.
Acquisition layers in hygiene products are using Barnhardt's HiLoft cotton, which wicks 33% faster than traditional purified cotton, Hargrove explains, while a newer innovation, HighQ UltraSoft "enhances the natural softness of purified cotton and as an added benefit enhances processing on nonwoven cards."
"Levin is an ideal addition to our Purified Cotton team.
Another player in the cotton market is Barnhardt, which produces a variety of purified cotton products for nonwovens.
Barnhardt Manufacturing has announced that several of its purified cotton products have been awarded the USDA Certified Biobased Products label from the USDA BioPreferred program.

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