pure consciousness

pure consciousness,

n in the Vedic tradition and Ayurveda, the ground of being that manifests as the totality of creation.
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I see the soul as a center of pure consciousness which undergoes a succession of conscious experiences.
Our spirituality cannot be contained within gaps or the 100 billion neurons in the brain for it permeates the whole of the cosmos within the realm of pure consciousness, which is Love, compassion and forgiveness.
As a discriminatory science of knowledge, Patanjali's yoga methodology guides practitioners to direct experience of purusa, pure consciousness.
Their topics include individuum and region of being: on the unifying principles of Husserl's "headless" ontology, the melody unheard: Husserl on the natural attitude and its discontinuities, laying bare the phenomenal field: the reductions as ways to pure consciousness, concepts without pedigree: the noema and neutrality modification, and Husserl's analogical and teleological concepts of reason.
Then we are to slowly withdraw the mind from these and think that we are pure consciousness not limited by the mortal, material body-mind complex.
He is also called Sat Chit Anand - Sat meaning truth, Chit meaning pure consciousness and Anand meaning bliss.
The seat for the yogin is the array of 36 categories wherein the supreme Siva of the character of pure consciousness abides (CVS 10).
For Advaita Vedanta pure consciousness goes beyond all dualism including the rationalistic means-ends dualism.
His perspectives include a fragile and uncertain I, a labile consciousness, the pure consciousness of philosophers, impermanence and vacuity, unfinished humanity, techniques of the body and spiritual exercises, Christian anthropology, discipline of interior life, suffering and culpability, wisdoms and human sciences, metaphysics and religions, and anthropology and wisdoms.
According to Balakier, this ideal of a pure consciousness, of an experiential and cognitive perspective undisturbed by theoretical speculations, resembles a fourth state of consciousness (beyond waking, sleeping, and dreaming) that has in recent years has been the subject of intense empirical research.
Delayed Departure is a point of no-return, a radically subversive movement of art from representation and re-representation into a twilight zone of pure consciousness, where the artist much like the art itself celebrates the violent and cathartic accumulation of consciousness on itself as a becoming project.
Since you are aware that death will come and you are not aware of the permanence of life through pure consciousness, you are always scared of death.