pure color

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pure col·or

a visual sensation produced by light of a specific wavelength.
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To demonstrate the painter's toning process, let's choose three colors from the pure color spectrum: orange, yellow and yellow-green.
I also make sure they mix up enough of the lighter tint so they can just add a bit more of the pure color to darken it.
Estee Lauder Pure Color Gloss in Pink Innocence (pounds 20) A soft pink with plenty of shimmer, the sponge applicator makes this easy to apply evenly and it lasts well.
buyit WE ARE loving Estee Lauder's new limited edition colour trend collection - the Pure Color Modern Mercury Collection, inspired by modern architecture.
The Wild Violet Pure Color Collection is a vivacious range, with lip shades of electric orange, brazen cherry and violet plum.
CHINA: Liu Wen made her official debut as an Estee Lauder global spokesmodel in Beijing to launch the new Pure Color makeup collection.
The pallets are all themed-- those in the first section each work with a different pure color.
In Dalet Tet, 1959, he applies multiple layers of pigment so that pure color is visible only at the top and edges of the picture plane.
Illuminate your look with Estee Lauder's Pure Color Crystal Lipstick and Pure Color Crystal Gloss with Neon Glow.
Este Lauder Pure Color Sheer Strength Nail Foundation, pounds 12.
Pure color is used directly from the tube, in static "points" clearly separate but intended to merge in the viewer's eye, producing a confluent image brighter than any achieved with brushstrokes.