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The fund-holding body—e.g., primary care trust (PCT) or a GP commissioning group—in the UK which buys health or social care services from a provider—e.g., an acute (NHS) hospital trust—on behalf of a local population or individuals with specific needs.


n a program sponsor, often an employer or union, that contracts with the dental benefits organization to provide dental benefits to an enrolled population.
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Whether the contract creates a present obligation on the seller to execute and deliver a deed and a present obligation on the purchaser to make payments;
Despite the lack of SEC review, the OC, typically drafted as an initial matter by the company or its outside law firm, will be subject to a careful drafting and revision process as the company's counsel, the initial purchasers and initial purchasers' counsel provide comments and suggestions on the draft.
What can a purchaser do to protect himself against these delays?
On Day 100, Seller sells substantially all of its assets to Purchaser who continues the business operations of Seller intact.
The definition of specified purchaser has been expanded in the 2004 proposals.
At a time when regulatory scrutiny of long-term care facilities, as well as the imposition of major fines and penalties, have increased, the purchaser of a long-term care facility should heed the ancient adage caveat emptor--"let the buyer beware.
Contracting purchasers then know that established procedures they have bargained for will be followed by the court at the sale hearing.
In addition, the IRS generally permits a management contract between purchaser and seller-manager of up to 15 years, provided at least 95 percent of the management fee is a fixed dollar amount for each year of the contract.
Interstate firearms traffickers frequently use two methods to obtain firearms: falsification of the ATF Firearms Transaction Record at the time of the firearm purchase or the use of a straw purchaser, an individual who purchases a firearm and completes the required paperwork for the purpose of concealing the true identity of the intended receiver of the firearm.
From the perspectives of a major OEM, a machining firm and a diesel engine producer, respectively, there are recurring messages from all three purchasers.
Historically and stereotypically, according to the purchasers, there has been an adversarial relationship between purchasers and accountants.
As stated in the policy statement, the collective provision of fee-related information to purchasers "can raise antitrust concerns to the extent it signals or facilitates physicians' collective price demands.

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