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The fund-holding body—e.g., primary care trust (PCT) or a GP commissioning group—in the UK which buys health or social care services from a provider—e.g., an acute (NHS) hospital trust—on behalf of a local population or individuals with specific needs.


n a program sponsor, often an employer or union, that contracts with the dental benefits organization to provide dental benefits to an enrolled population.
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Peter Cokin represented both the seller and the purchaser in the transaction between Seabury Construction Corp.
In each scenario, the parties to the transaction are the employee, the employer, the RSC and the third-party purchaser.
Transfer of intellectual property rights by licensing is often essential to the transition of insurance business from the seller to the purchaser.
On Day 100, Seller sells substantially all of its assets to Purchaser who continues the business operations of Seller intact.
the sale of an affiliate by a holding company to an unrelated purchaser, whether or not subject to tax; and
When a nursing home is being sold at a bargain price, or is part of a major divestment, the purchaser may experience intense pressure to avoid or at least curtail due diligence.
This gives the purchaser the competitive advantage of knocking another offeror out of the box by simply matching the bid.
In addition, the IRS generally permits a management contract between purchaser and seller-manager of up to 15 years, provided at least 95 percent of the management fee is a fixed dollar amount for each year of the contract.
A common scenario entails the firearm trafficker accompanying the straw purchaser into the firearms store to pay for the purchase while the straw purchaser completes the paperwork.
To offer the perspective of the person on "the other side of the casting," while learning a thing or two about their expectations of foundries, three purchasers at firms that are prominent users of castings were interviewed: Jack Porter, Caterpillar, Inc.
One purchaser noted an incident where he had prepared an extensive report to explain why various items should be purchased a particular price levels.
Competing physicians who seek to negotiate fees they would like to be paid with a purchaser run a substantial antitrust risk, and even greater risk if they implicitly or explicitly threaten to boycott or actually boycott a purchaser that does not accept their 'suggested' fees.

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