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The fund-holding body—e.g., primary care trust (PCT) or a GP commissioning group—in the UK which buys health or social care services from a provider—e.g., an acute (NHS) hospital trust—on behalf of a local population or individuals with specific needs.


n a program sponsor, often an employer or union, that contracts with the dental benefits organization to provide dental benefits to an enrolled population.
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More importantly, the purchaser will want to assess if there were lapses in coverage, especially since many nursing homes are experiencing trouble obtaining and maintaining liability coverage.
Alternatively, a purchaser can become a "stalking horse" by negotiating in advance an agreement with the debtor to purchase the assets for a specified price, subject to court approval.
It is advisable for the purchaser to be an empty corporation with no assets other than the facility to be purchased so that the bonds can be marketed based on the facility's credit alone.
Thus, in interstate firearms trafficking cases, traffickers usually cannot purchase the firearm legally because they live in another state and cannot provide identification needed to establish residency and to complete the necessary ATF forms that document handgun purchases and information regarding the purchaser.
Each purchaser was also asked about horror stories.
The purchaser can operate the target company as a standalone subsidiary.
general partner of THSP Associates Limited Partnership ("Purchaser"), and Purchaser announced the completion of their $2.
Competing physicians who seek to negotiate fees they would like to be paid with a purchaser run a substantial antitrust risk, and even greater risk if they implicitly or explicitly threaten to boycott or actually boycott a purchaser that does not accept their 'suggested' fees.
In the case of the sole proprietor, an agreement may not be feasible as it requires not only a seller but also a purchaser.
For example, a purchaser acquires electronically delivered computer software and installs it on a server located in California, while its employees access and use the software from multiple business locations in various jurisdictions.
The purchaser instantly recognized the upside in this location and moved quickly to accommodate the seller's requirements", noted Polsinelli.
From the standpoint of execution, Rule 144A offerings resemble underwritten public offerings, in that an investment bank or syndicate of investment banks, acting as the initial purchaser of the offering, purchases the securities from the company and then resells the securities to investors at a higher price, retaining the difference, which represents the commission or "discount" earned by the bank or banks for their services.

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