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Relating to the pupil.


Etymology: L, pupilla
pertaining to the pupil.


Relating to the pupil.


pertaining to or emanating from the pupil.

pupillary aperture
the pupil.
pupillary block
an obstruction to the flow of aqueous between the border of the pupil and the anterior capsule of the lens.
pupillary consensual light reflex
constriction of the pupil in the eye opposite to the one receiving an intensified beam of light, and reversal when the light is removed. The reflex is clearcut in humans and dogs but little used in food animals. Presence of the reflex is a guarantee of integrity of the optic pathways.
pupillary constriction
see miosis.
pupillary cyst
see iris cyst.
pupillary dilatation
pupillary light reflex
constriction of a dilated pupil in response to an increase in light intensity and a dilatation of a constricted pupil in response to a decrease in the intensity. Activity of the reflex indicates the efficiency of the retina, the optic and oculomotor nerves and the musculature of the iris.
pupillary membranectomy
a surgical technique for resection of an iridocapsular membrane, formed as a sequela to cataract surgery.
persistent pupillary membrane
nonvascular remnants of the tunica vasculosa lentis may extend across the iris or from the iris to the cornea, often producing a corneal opacity at the site. A common defect in dogs, particularly in Basenjis.
pupillary zone
the portion of iris closest to the pupillary border.
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The prescription should include the pupillary distance, which is the distance between the centers of the pupils of each eye.