pupil reaction

pu·pil re·ac·tion

(pyū'pil rē-ak'shun)
Constriction of the pupil in response to light rays.
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General Appearance and Mental Status - posture, gait, mood, behaviours, speech, organization of thoughts, level of consciousness, motor responses, pupil reaction
Preoperative data noted were age, gender, visual acuity, type of cataract slitlamp examination, IOP measurement, pupil reaction, fundus examination, B-scan and A-scan biometry, keratometry, and proper management of systemic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, asthma and cardiac evaluation by concerned specialists; 3:2 (F:M) was the gender ratio observed.
Damage to nerves can cause a range of symptoms; Dizziness or fainting upon standing due to a drop in blood pressure, a feeling of fullness after eating little, loss of appetite, diarrhoea and other digestive disorders, hot flashes due to non- regulation of sweat glands, sluggish pupil reaction, exercise intolerance when your heart rate remains unchanged and difficulty with urination or ejaculation besides vaginal dryness.
A pupil reaction test reveals potential neurological disorders in areas of the brain that autism might affect.
As an ex-headmaster I can say that the presentation was exemplary and the pupil reaction was first class.
Check pupil reaction, blood pressure, temperature, pulse, respirations, grasp, and active range of motion of all extremities.
Ocular examination includes visual acuity when possible, anterior segment examination, pupil reaction, eye movement, diplopia test (When patient complaint of diplopia), visual field (Confrontation method at bedside.
Patients with good pupil reaction at presentation had good post op day 7 vision (Table 11).
Some of these require direct observation, such as verification, keratometry and the assessment of pupil reactions.
The technique used in securing pupil reactions in these story tests is to have the pupil underline those words indicating procedures or things that are good for health, and cross out everything that is bad for health.
Accepting that the school emphasized vocational education, did the narrators not provide more information about pupil reactions to the academic side of the curriculum?