punctum lacrimale

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 [pungk´tum] (L.)
a point or small spot.
punctum cae´cum blind spot.
punctum lacrima´le (pl. punc´ta lacrima´lia), an opening of a lacrimal duct on the edge of the eyelid.
punctum prox´imum near point.
punctum remo´tum far point.
punc´ta vasculo´sa minute red spots that mark the cut surface of white matter of the brain.
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lac·ri·mal punc·tum

the minute circular opening of the lacrimal canaliculus, on the margin of each eyelid near the medial commissure.
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lacrimal punctum

A small, round or oval, opening of the lacrimal canaliculus (duct) on the margin of each eyelid near the inner canthus and situated in the middle of a small elevation the lacrimal papilla. A lacrimal punctum is normally visible only if the lid is everted. Plural: lacrimal puncta. Syn. lacrimal point.
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