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in orthodontics, metal devices bonded onto teeth for attachment of elastic bands to reposition teeth.

Patient discussion about brackets

Q. I am bit worried that she should not fall within the brackets of ADHD? My only sweet daughter is hyperactive with an extremely high activity level. She is 2 ½ years old. I think she is showing the signs of ADHD but is too early to conclude for her age. Most 2-3 year old kids tend to be hyperactive. I am bit worried that she should not fall within the brackets of ADHD?

A. Hello! Diagnosis of ADHD is complex at this age, and it is extremely difficult to identify even with all the tools available. And smart kids are often the hardest to deal with. Just make a casual visit to your physician to clear your doubt.

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Both of these large companies, and many others watching this dispute learned the lesson that punctuation matters, especially in legal documents.
Punctuation becomes implicit in her 'pronunciation made perfect' and the flower girl turns into a linguistic Cinderella.
Many schools want to improve literacy, but are unsure about how to go about "The Punctuation Show creates a huge excitement about punctuation and literacy.
The ever-popular title came about after her appearance on BBC Radio 4's Cutting a Dash programme, which aired topics such as whether the internet and e-mail are influencing punctuation.
I believed that punctuation was a matter of individual discretion, as optional as the number of buttons on a suit sleeve or whatever patterns one puts one's hair into.
The scope of this paper within earlier discussions on Renaissance punctuation theory
Summary: A prominent Egyptian preacher has issued a fatwa, or religious ruling, approving the use of punctuation in copies of the Quran, which has sparked protests by religious scholars who say the meaning
APOSTROPHES will disappear from a city's signs as its council wages war on punctuation.
Government plans for children as young as four to be taught to write in sentences and use punctuation were ridiculed yesterday by a group of leading authors and educationists.
A dash of style; the art and mastery of punctuation.
THE punctuation howler highlighted by R Ford (Mail, May 9) is just one of many frequently seen and heard in our media.