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Plural of punctum.
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Plural of punctum.
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(punk'tum) plural.puncta [L.] Point.

punctum caecum

Blind spot (1).

puncta dolorosa

Painful points in the course of, or at the exit of, nerves affected by neuralgia.

punctum lacrimale

Lacrimal point.

punctum nasale inferius


punctum proximum

Abbreviation: P.P.
Visual accommodation near-point.

punctum remotum

Abbreviation: P.R.
Visual accommodation far-point.

punctum saliens

The first trace of the embryonic heart.

puncta vasculosa

Minute red areas that mark the cut surface of white central substance of the brain, caused by blood escaping from divided blood vessels.
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(a) Representative images of GFP-LC3 puncta (autophagosomes) in 10[micro]M Clofibrate treated SW480 cells for 12 hours.
In the IHC nuclei region, some NMDARs colocalized with GluA2-positive AMPAR puncta (the dashed white circles), which were smaller than AMPAR patches in the IHC basal pole region (the dashed yellow circles).
Subsequently, at 3 months of age, a reduction of postsynaptic marker PSD-95 and synaptic puncta was described in these AD mice.
mCherry-LC3 puncta assay exhibited that, after bafilomycin A1 treatment, the red fluorescence accumulated in the cytoplasm, with less intensity in the nuclei, which represented undergraded autophagosomes.
In Tripedalia, neurites did not appear to travel in bundles given that individual puncta were clearly visible along individual neurites of all three subumbrellar regions.
He says that the latest set of findings suggest that integrin helps the anchor cell orient itself toward the basement membranes, and that it also directs netrin to build the puncta in the proper place to ease an opening through.
Afterwards it feels a whole load better and all that's happened is that the lachrymal glands have secreted fluid which has drained through the lachrymal puncta.
The degree documents list the texts (puncta) on which the degree candidates were examined.
Indeed, one must work harder in this book to find 'fractures and puncta' where these photographs debase the unified view of Ellmann's subject (p.
This type of song consists of stanzas (he uses the word versus again) of several sections (puncta) which are mutually harmonious, and the total number of stanzas is fixed at seven - no more, no less ('nec plus nec minus'), although later in his treatise Grocheo modifies this last requirement to seven or about that number ('septem vel eo circa') (ff.