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Past productions include Punchdrunk, Tourettes Diva, Jerry Springer the Opera and Jacksons Way - winner of the 2004 Perrier Award in Edinburgh.
In 2011, the still-running Sleep No More by Punchdrunk became a hit and introduced the concept to theatergoers; Queen of the Night, by the same team, gave the genre an R-rated dinner-theater twist.
Such is the apathy at Villa Park - a crowd that has become punchdrunk amid a string of relegation battles - that most punters couldn't even be bothered to boo.
While in the South West, Alexander was influenced by companies such as Punchdrunk.
Loathsome as they are, the Tories have championed their sinister agenda until the electorate has become punchdrunk.
Immersive theatre specialists Punchdrunk and Absolut have created a game where you solve the mystery of the main character disappearing.
HOTELS are feeling punchdrunk after figures revealed bar sales have fallen by up to 60 per cent following a cut in drink drive limits.
Over-worked, punchdrunk staff with low morale suffer all of the known problems associated with working in that type of environment.
The "immersive" performances of productions by the UK theater company Punchdrunk, offer another case in point.
Poor Northamptonshire were ground into the sunsoaked September dirt by Hain's partnership of 360 in 99 overs with Jonathan Trott, who finished with 164 (312 balls, 20 fours, one six) against punchless and punchdrunk opposition.
The British theater company Punchdrunk unveils a chic eatery as part of its immersive, genre-bending show "Sleep No More,'' promising patrons yummy roasts, savory pies and something else.