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Drug slang A regional term for selling crack
Sexology Copulation
Vox populi Pressing someone for details about a particular matter


Vigorous opening and closing of the fist to enhance filling of subcutaneous veins below a tourniquet placed around an arm in preparation for phlebotomy.


Draining or emptying of fluids by hydraulic suction.

lymphatic pumping

In osteopathy, manipulation of the thoracic cavity to facilitate lymphatic circulation.

stomach pumping

See: gastric lavage
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In order to perform the contract in a proper manner drainage pumping stations are geographically grouped (due to the location of objects and territorial division of troops Employer).
Two optical pumping methods have been employed to produce polarized gas for these applications: spin-exchange optical pumping (SEOP), [9-12] in which the gas is polarized directly at high pressure, and metastability-exchange optical pumping (MEOP) [13-15], in which the gas is polarized at low pressure ([sim] 0.
The roughing pump can be connected to the chamber through a separate pumping line and valve, and the chamber can be pumped down to the specified pressure before the valve is closed to terminate the roughing part of the pumpdown process.
It is customary to provide a total pumping capacity equal to the maximum expected inflow with at least one of the largest pumping units out of service; in large stations, two units are sometimes considered out of service in determining the design capacity.
Submersibles opened up a new pump technology and a new pumping philosophy, which include the following major advantages:
Rather, heart failure usually develops slowly, often over years, as the heart gradually loses its pumping ability and works less efficiently.
In addition to specific pumping applications, Chuck Heintz, northwest corporate manager for Godwin Pumps, observes that pumps help keep projects on time and on budget by providing dry conditions on project sites.
As a companion to the Hydraulic Institute Standards, together with the HI Test Standards, the Engineering Data Book completes the data for solving problems related to the pumping and transfer of fluids.
Determining and understanding a vacuum system's gas loads and pumping speed will provide the key to designing or understanding the performance of any vacuum system.
The meter-mix machine must be capable of pumping a wide range of material viscosities.