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Raised or convex, denoting a form of surface elevation of a bacterial culture.
[L. pulvinus, cushion]


(pŭl′və-nāt′) also


1. Shaped like a cushion.
2. Botany Having a swelling at the base. Used of a leafstalk.
3. pulvinated Architecture Having a convex face or profile: a pulvinated frieze.


(pŭl′vĭ-nāt) [L. pulvinus, cushion]
Convex; shaped like a cushion.
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Variations in colony elevation can be categorized as flat, raised, convex, pulvinate, and umbonate.
Cacti vary in shape from the many pulvinate (cushion-forming) species of Copiapoa in the Atacama Desert (the drawing shows the cushion growth-form, a longitudinal section of a flower, and the taproot so typical of cacti) to monopodial arborescent forms such as the spectacular candelabro (Browningia candelabris) of the Andean slopes of the Tarapac Desert (Atacama), growing up to 16 ft (5 m) tall.