pulvinar nuclei

pul·vi·nar nu·cle·i

the large caudal portion of the lateral thalamic nuclear group; may be divided into four nuclei on the basis of cytoarchitecture and connections: nucleus pulvinaris anterior [TA] (anterior pulvinar nucleus [TA]), nucleus pulvinaris inferior [TA] (inferior pulvinar nucleus [TA]), nucleus pulvinaris lateralis [TA] (lateral pulvinar nucleus [TA]), and nucleus pulvinaris medialis [TA] (medial pulvinar nucleus [TA]); functionally related to the visual system.
Synonym(s): nuclei pulvinares [TA]
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MRI of the brain showed mild diffuse volume loss, T2 hyperintensity with subtle restricted diffusion in the pulvinar nuclei of bilateral thalami (pulvinar sign), and subtle restricted diffusion in the right frontal cortex (cortical ribbon sign) (arrows) (Figure 2).