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To reduce to a powder.
[L. pulverizo, fr. pulvis, pulveris, dust]
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Size-reduction machines for shredding and pulverizing foam and more.
One is the pulverizing of fresh, sterilized bone to use as a cement in joint-replacement surgery; the tiny bone fragments act as growth nuclei to stimulate the formation of bone around prosthetic implants.
The Alpine 315 AFS fine cutting mill features grinding discs for pulverizing material into fine dust up to 400 [micro]m.
The pulverizing action of the auger reduces the fill to small granular size and ensures a fill without voids, which increases compactibility, and reduces sink holes and washouts.
However, for most existing pulverizing and mil ling equipment, the high energy consumption and low efficiency of the preperation of polymer powder are still problems.
Markets include plastic machinery, pulverizing and mining, steel plant, gas and steam turbine, pump, machine tool, press machinery and other specialized industries.
And the founding of this museum will probably accomplish what look to be mutually exclusive tasks: the solidification of the outsider category and the inclusive pulverizing of the textbook definition of fine art.
Worldwide commercial availability of "ovenless" rotomolding machinery, new cast-aluminum molds that provide faster cycles, improved material pulverizing systems, and new graphic transfer systems for engineering materials such as nylon were unveiled at the 30th Annual Fall Meeting of the Association of Rotational Molders (ARM), held in Chicago last fall.
"This includes shredding, pulverizing, anything that would render the material unidentifiable.
The method entails dry-blending a composite resin comprising a vinylidene fluoride polymer having a crosslinkable functional group and a methyl methacrylate polymer with a curing agent (the composite resin has a melt flow rate of one to 1,000 g/10 minutes when measured at 130[degrees]C at a load of 2.1 kg) and then pulverizing while maintaining the pulverizing system at five to 45[degrees]C with cooling.