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To reduce to a powder.
[L. pulverizo, fr. pulvis, pulveris, dust]
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Nothing was added to the ground and pulverized RIM scrap except iron oxide pigment to color it black.
Wind associated with the impact that formed the Stowe crater might have created such structures from pulverized rock, he says.
Khouri's team then inserted the muscle flaps from the 18 osteogenin-treated rats into small rubber molds packed with pulverized bone.
The chemists first pulverized bamboo bark and dissolved the bark powder in an alcohol mixture.
Its disintegration in Venus' thick atmosphere generated a shock wave that pulverized the surface rock below, says Magellan scientist Laurence A.
And unlike previous regulations, which covered only asbestos in its "friable" (dry and easily pulverized) form, the new rules give guidelines for the treatment of nonfriable asbestos as well.