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To reduce to a powder.
[L. pulverizo, fr. pulvis, pulveris, dust]
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Get Report Sample Copy@ https://www.marketresearchhub.com/enquiry.php?type=S&repid=2438255 The micron-scale pulverizer uses the aerodynamic principle to pulverize the material to the micron level through the precise design of the convection field, and the individual materials can be pulverized to the sub-micron level.
After work each day, Glenn and his coworkers play Pulverize, a first-person shooter (EPS) computer game.
Trost Air impact mills pulverize hard soft, and agglomerated materials, as well as those with low melting points.
Because of its very high strength and toughness, PA6 is difficult to pulverize by conventional mechanical methods; it is necessary to freeze PA6 with liquid nitrogen during the pulverization process.
Commonly nicknamed "thumb splitter," this crustacean (animal with outer shell and segmented body) features club-like claws that spear and pulverize prey 50 times faster than the blink of your eye.
The new pulverizers combine new airflow and material feeding designs to pulverize without grinding, delivering at least 20% higher output using less energy and floor space than more conventional designs.
But only an unusually violent collision would pulverize rocks into tiny silicate grains.
His findings suggest a dino chomp could easily pulverize bones, which may explain the bone fragments.
This innovative equipment has been employed to pulverize both brittle and ductile polymers (13) and to prepare in situ polymer/filler materials (18), showing good potential for developing higher-performance polymer materials.