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To reduce to a powder.
[L. pulverizo, fr. pulvis, pulveris, dust]
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The investment cost is at EGP 230m and it is distributed as follows: EGP 10m for a pulveriser mill, and EGP 90m for the mechanisms of producing alternative fuel which would be used in the future," said El-Ebiary.
Users also have a choice of hydraulic attachments, (combi-cutter, pulveriser, multi-grapple or a range of breakers) to provide a varied perspective.
This pulveriser used expensive electricity, was sited in the wrong location, and all the refuse had to be fed into a hopper by a mediumsized ordinary farm tractor!
Les agents charges de cette operation ont surpris plus d'un Tizi-Ouzeen avec leur machine a pulveriser l'insecticide.