pulsus celer


 [pul´sus] (L.)
pulsus alter´nans alternating pulse.
pulsus bige´minus bigeminal pulse.
pulsus bisfe´riens a pulse characterized by two strong systolic peaks separated by a midsystolic dip, most commonly occurring in pure aortic regurgitation with stenosis.
pulsus ce´ler quick pulse.
pulsus dif´ferens inequality of the pulse observable at corresponding sites on either side of the body.
pulsus paradox´us paradoxical pulse.
pulsus par´vus et tar´dus a small hard pulse that rises and falls slowly.
pulsus tar´dus slow pulse.

pul·sus ce·l'er

a pulse beat swift to rise and fall.

pul·sus ce·ler

(pŭl'sŭs sē'lăr)
A pulse beat that is swift to rise and fall.