pulsed laser

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pulsed laser

a laser in which energy output is pulsed, allowing short bursts of high energy.
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pulsed la·ser

(pŭlst lā'zĕr)
A laser in which energy output is pulsed, allowing short bursts of high energy.
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Wetting condition for graphite vapour ablated by the pulsed laser at the liquid state of catalyst could not achieved under this condition [16].
In superficial tissue, where the photon density is high, it is easy to reach the necessary power density thresholds without the benefits of a super pulsed laser, in fact continuous wave lasers, pulsed lasers or even LEDs can be utilized.
the medium is assumed to be traction free, initially at uniform temperature [T.sub.0], and subjected to heating process by a ultrashort pulsed laser heat source its structure function; [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] at the surface z = 0 as in Fig.
Caption: An 80 x 60 mm shim of a full colour hologram produced by Krypten from a Geola master shot with a pulsed laser. Seen in diffuse light (L) and point light source (R).
This rugged, versatile and high performance line of non contact pulsed laser range finders is said to be ideal for a wide variety of industrial positioning, profiling, distance and quality measurement applications of solid, semi-solid and liquid targets, according to the company.
Modifications such as a pulsed laser source and a mechanism to scan in three dimensions would be needed, however.
The new pulsed laser module is optically coupled to a single-mode fibre pigtail that includes a fibre Bragg grating (FBG) to stabilise the wavelength throughout a variety of operating conditions.
Nanoparticles can be produced by firing a pulsed laser at a metal plate made of platinum, gold or silver which is submerged in a liquid such as water.
A compact low energy pulsed laser, is used to record composite holograms.
(LDI), an OSI Systems Company, introduces a product family of high power monolithic stack pulsed laser diodes for a wide variety of military/defense, industrial, automotive, and machine vision applications.

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