pulsed dye laser

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puls·ed dye la·ser

extremely short bursts of focused yellow light absorbed by hemoglobin, used to treat hemangiomas without anesthesia in young children.
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BACKGROUND: Pulsed dye laser treatments usually result in purpura.
In addition, treatment with a pulsed dye laser is safe, with no adverse consequences even in young infants.
Sample Copy of this Report@ https://www.mrrse.com/sample/16784 Based on treatment type, the global scar treatment market has been categorized into topical products [creams, gels, silicone sheets, and others (sprays, oils, etc.)], laser treatment (Co2 lasers, pulsed dye laser, excimer laser,) injectables, and others.
(8) showed that the pulsed dye laser was an effective device for the treatment of SH, but only 28% of lesions completely disappeared with one session.
Neuhaus et al.22 in their study on efficacy of nonpurpuragenic pulsed dye laser and intense pulsed light for erythematotelangiectatic rosacea used 560nm cut off filter, with fluence range of 22-25J/cm2, three treatments were given at monthly intervals with a 4-week follow-up after the last treatment session, there was significant decrease in erythema and telangiectasia scores (p<0.01) and the patients VAS for erythema also showed significant decrease (p<0.05) and the malar telangiectasia counts also showed significant reduction (p<0.05).22 The 10-point VAS was done by physician and patient for both erythema and telangiectasia at every treatment session and scores of both these parameters reduced post-treatment.
The hemangioma had received wound care and pulsed dye laser treatment, and the infant was started on systemic propranolol.
Alternative treatments include surgical excision, pulsed dye laser, cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen, timolol solution, imiquimod, or a combination of methods.

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