pulsed dye laser

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puls·ed dye la·ser

extremely short bursts of focused yellow light absorbed by hemoglobin, used to treat hemangiomas without anesthesia in young children.
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Webster GF Satur N, Goldman MP, Halmi B, Greenbaum S: Treatment of recalcitrant warts using the pulsed dye laser.
Radiofrequency and 585-nm pulsed dye laser treatment of striae distensae: a report of 37 Asian patients.
In addition, treatment with a pulsed dye laser is safe, with no adverse consequences even in young infants.
Intralesional 5-FU has been used as an adjuvant therapy to intralesional TCA and 585-nm flashlamp-pumped pulsed dye laser (5-FU+ TCA+ PDL) in majority of studies in the prevention, as well as, the treatment of keloids.
Treatment of PWS with pulsed dye laser has been reported to produce both lightening of the PWS and improvement or resolution of the associated dermatitis (1, 6, 7).
Jasim ZF, Woo WK, Handley JM: Long-pulsed (6-ms) pulsed dye laser treatment of rosacea-associated telangiectasia using subpurpuric clinical threshold.
Once malignancy has been ruled out with a biopsy, maintenance photoangiolysis therapy with the pulsed dye laser may be appropriate in selected patients with recurrent leukoplakia.
Pulsed dye laser also has been discussed in the literature as an effective therapy for ME.
In one such study, pulsed dye laser treatment improved symptoms, quality of life scores, and erythema in 16 patients with erythematotelangiectatic rosacea (J.
The pulsed dye laser is a good choice, with wavelengths of 585-590 nm especially effective.

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