pulse duration

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pulse duration (P.D., PD)

(in ultrasonics) a measure of the time a transducer oscillates for each pulse. The shorter the pulse duration, the better the axial resolution.
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10) areas with ischemia and retinal capillary nonperfusion on wide-field angiography were treated with 1,500 PASCAL laser burns with 20 ms pulse duration and 200 [micro]m spot size through a Mainster 165 PRP lens.
Pulse duration is selectable from 40 ms, 100 ms, 200 ms, 350 ms, and 400 ms while both output resistance and output voltage are programmable in small increments.
The 5 points consisted of 2 constant pulse durations (100 and 500 ps) and 3 pulse amplitudes to span the range between threshold and maximum comfort level.
a] = 60 kW, it can be concluded that the pulse duration should be less than about 170 ns.
When the pulse duration of 10 ms was applied, cloud-like patterns with irregular shapes were found to be formed.
With this method of the object and hologram illumination, the reduction of strobo pulse duration significantly reduces the influence of the object displacements on the recovered image quality, but significantly prolongs the duration of the hologram exposure.
I was not that unhappy with the old PDL but wondered what else I might be "missing" in the lack of variable pulse duration in dealing with larger vessels.
Details regarding control of shear strain rate and pulse duration during testing are given in Appendix B.
E1, often referred to as the prompt component, is characterized by short pulse duration and a fast rise time.
In the experimental series where pulse duration and pulse rise time were manipulated (see below), the pulses had a constant carrier frequency of 40 kHz.
A standard bipolar transesophageal catheter was inserted through the mouth and pacing was performed at interelectrode spacing of 40 mm and pulse duration of 10 ms.
To give just one example, the widely used Q-switched Nd:YAG laser emits at a wavelength of 1064nm with a pulse duration of 10ns.