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A machine or device that operates in a throbbing, vibrating, or rhythmic manner.
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31,500 only, It has a washing capacity of 8 kg, with attractive features like; magic wash cube, eco friendly, multi wash programs, digital control panel, power failure memory, magic wash pulsator, stream pro drum, one touch wash function, fuzzy logic, child lock.
Foam and water pour down and pass through clothes with water flow made by the Dual Wave Pulsator to easily remove dirt.
A hydraulic ram pumped water from the spring, the pulsator on the milking machine needed constant care and the hay hook attached by rope to pulleys to increase the mechanical advantage lifted the loose hay from a wagon into the haymow.
However, a complete description of the HDR-sound generating mechanism apart of flow shells' models, requires a more complete and systematic theoretical research as to the interflow pulsing area (pulsator).
The "multimillion Egyptian pound project" will see Metito build a new 70,000 m3/per day plant to treat water from the Nile River using Pulsator technology as a supplement to the two existing treatment plants.
The inner tank of a pulsator washing machine that has been used for three years is reportedly 500 times dirtier than the closestool.
Joy Smith said that by the time they're ready for new homes, her cows need to be used to milking by hand, but even if they're accustomed to pulsator machines, most of her customers are not.
The unique structure of the Wobble pulsator creates both left and right and upward and downward flows, creating a three-dimensional dynamic water current.
We continued to make the journey back to Dar, and almost as an afterthought, a Black marlin hit one of the large Pulsator lures in the spread; whilst not a huge fish (150lbs or so) it was most welcome, and although thoughts briefly turned to an IGFA grand slam (both fish thus far were IGFA 'legal'), we did not encounter a sailfish on the way in.
The coach was excited by forces to upper frame and forces from three pistons of hydrodynamic pulsator. It is enabled to test the system during various loading and to simulate various drive conditions.