pulpal wall

pul·pal wall

1. one of the walls of the pulp cavity;
2. the wall of a cavity preparation adjacent to the pulp space; for example, mesial pulpal wall.
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(12) showed a 16.2[degrees]C temperature increase on the pulpal wall during the debonding of ceramic brackets and found that the temperature returned to normal values within 2-3 minutes.
* LED lights with an increased exposure time induced significant temperature rises, and they exceeded 5.5[degrees]C of the critical threshold value on the pulpal wall, while the critical threshold value was not exceeded in any of the PAC light groups.
(32) in their clinical study showed that affected dentin in the pulpal wall had similar amounts of S.
Selective caries removal was executed on pulpal wall with hand excavators until firm dentin, and it was possible to observe that the remaining dentin had a darker color and leathery consistency.
A conductor gel (Manhattan Computer Products, China) that imitated the pulpal tissue conductibility was injected into the pulp to ensure transfer of pulpal wall temperature changes to the thermocouple wire.
All teeth had pulpal walls with incomplete caries removal but in some, approximation to, but not actual exposure of a pulp horn was supposed from the altered colour of the dentine over it, as seen clinically.
An immunohistological study of the localization of bacteria invading root pulpal walls of teeth with periapical lesions.