pulp involvement

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pulp in·volve·ment

(pŭlp in-volvmĕnt)
Colloq. for dental decay, trauma, or instrumentation that extends into the pulpal portion of the tooth. Penetration into the dental pulp is known as a pulp exposure.
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Statistically significant associations were found between inflammatory root resorption and gender (p < 0.05), age (p < 0.05), an unhealthy tooth (p < 0.001), caries with pulp involvement (p < 0.001), a restored tooth (p < 0.001), pulpotomy (p < 0.001) and pulpectomy (p < 0.001) (Table 1).
Tooth 2.1 showed pulp involvement, with sensitivity tests (thermal and electrical pulp tests) indicating pulp necrosis, and the tooth showed grade I mobility.
Andreasen has classified crown fractures as enamel infractions, enamel fractures with little or no dentin involvement, enamel-dentin fractures with no pulp involvement (uncomplicated crown fractures), and enameldentin fractures with pulpal involvement (complicated crown fractures).