pulp chamber

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pulp cham·ber

that portion of the pulp cavity contained in the crown or body of the tooth.
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pulp cham·ber

(pŭlp chām'běr)
The portion of the pulp cavity that is contained in the crown or body of the tooth.
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Pulp chamber

The area within the natural crown of the tooth occupied by dental pulp.
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pulp cham·ber

(pŭlp chām'běr)
That portion of the pulp cavity contained in the crown or body of the tooth.
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330 mounted on high-speed hand piece, caries was removed and de-roofing of the pulp chamber was done.
Although few studies exist in the literature about the thermal effects of curing lights on the pulp chamber during orthodontic bonding (1, 2, 9), to the best of our knowledge, no data have been presented yet on the temperature changes in the pulp space during curing of orthodontic adhesives with high-energy light sources.
In this therapy, clinician applies a bleaching agent into the empty pulp chamber of an endodontically treated and discolored tooth.
We quantified pulp chamber areas from digital images using ImageJ software (< http://rsb.info.nih.gov/ ij/ >).
J type thermocouple probe wire was attached to the acrylic stand in such a way that the probe tip comes in contact with center of the roof of the pulp chamber. The entire apparatus was placed in the water bath with the tooth being immersed only up to cementoenamel junction with the crown portion exposed to the external environment.
Preoperatively, these images give information about the internal and external tooth anatomy which include number and location of roots and canals, root and canal curvatures, size of the pulp chamber, and the degree of calcification [21].
ABS was flushed away from the pulp chamber with sterile saline and a freshly mixed ZOE base was placed.
1,2) Patient 18 years old, diagnosed with dental hypersensitivity, 16 mesial cavity accompanied by acute pain, closed pulp chamber. The treatment used a therapeutic laser, red probe, 2J/cm2 dose T9Hz, distance 2 cm, time 2 minutes, no of sessions: 1-10.
Diseased and at-risk teeth are described as those with caries extending into the pulp chamber, those with periapical lesions, periodontal pockets over 4-5 mm, furcation involvements of Grade 2 and mobility of Grade 2 or more.
(6) An alternative available treatment modality that avoids the placement of glass-fiber posts into the root canal is the endocrown restoration, (10,11) i.e., one single system that is placed into nonvital teeth and anchored to the internal portion of the pulp chamber and at the cavity margins, resulting in both macromechanical (due to the circumferential walls of the pulp chamber) and micromechanical (due to the use of adhesive materials) retention.
A standard root canal access cavity was prepared in each tooth with diamond bur of access preparation set in and the content of the pulp chamber were removed, and the access cavities were irrigated with water.
Although laser Doppler flowmetry has been introduced to detect revascularization, the limitation is that only blood flow in the pulp chamber can be detected.