pulp cap

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pulp cap

(pŭlp kap)
A covering or dressing, usually containing a sedative in nature, placed over exposed dental pulp.


any soft, juicy animal or vegetable tissues, e.g. citrus pulp.

pulp canal
root canal.
pulp cap
pulp of the feather produced inside the calamus by the follicular tissue. The pulp protrudes through the aperture in the wall of the shaft and forms the external pulp caps. Internal pulp caps are formed within the calamus.
pulp cavity
the pulp chamber and the root canal in a tooth.
pulp chamber
the cavity at the center of the tooth which contains most of the pulp.
dental pulp
see dental pulp.
pulp polyp
superficial hyperplasia of dental pulp, usually after exposure due to injury such as fracture of a tooth.
red pulp, splenic pulp
the dark reddish brown substance filling the interspaces of the splenic sinuses.
tooth pulp
dental pulp.
white pulp
sheaths of lymphatic tissue surrounding the arteries of the spleen.
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Hard-setting CaOH was the most popular direct pulp cap medicament, and 1 respondent commented that CaOH was taught specifically only for traumatic exposures and never for carious exposures.
Pulpotomy 6/14 Direct pulp cap 8/14 Partial pulpotomy (Cvek technique) 0/14 3.
Preferences for materials used for indirect pulp caps (IPCs), DPCs and pulpotomy in anterior and posterior primary and permanent teeth.