pulmonary toilet

pul·mon·ar·y toi·let

attempts to clear mucus and secretions from the trachea and bronchial tree by deep breathing, incentive spiratomy, postural drainage, and percussion.

pulmonary toilet

Pulmonary medicine The use of a fiberoptic bronchoscope to clear inspissated secretions in Pts with atelectasis, which may be facilitated with saline lavage, or local instillation of N-acetylcysteine Indications Pts with lobar atelectasis unresponsive to conservative therapy, with gas-exchange abnormalities, or who are 'fragile' and require immediate clearing.

pul·mo·nar·y toi·let

(pul'mŏ-nar-ē toy'lĕt)
Cleansing of the trachea and bronchial tree.
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It is imperative to stress the need for extensive pulmonary toilet or hygiene (i.
Aerosolized bronchodilators, airway clearance strategies and aggressive pulmonary toilet are the mainstays of post operative care.
Stewart: Support surfaces have improved, including mattresses with features such as lateral rotation and percussion/vibration that improve pulmonary toilet, as well as low-air loss mattresses that address microclimate, including temperature and humidity, and help maintain a constant low interface pressure.
His X-ray revealed atelectasis, so my orders focused on pulmonary toilet and hygiene with mild diuresis.
Assiduous attention was paid to hand washing, nutrition, pulmonary toilet, skin integrity, and psychological stress.
The trachea was then extubated and aggressive pulmonary toilet performed.
Patients with underlying pulmonary problems are required to have preoperative training for pulmonary toilet.
If he should prove unable to conduct his pulmonary toilet adequately, die tracheostomy tube could easily be replaced at the bedside to allow for more aggressive suctioning.

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