pulmonary function technologist

(redirected from pulmonary function technician)

pul·mo·nar·y func·tion tech·no·lo·gist

(pul'mŏ-nār-ē fŭngk'shŭn tek-nol'ŏ-jist)
Person trained to perform pulmonary function tests for the diagnostic assessment and monitoring of cardiopulmonary disorders.
Synonym(s): pulmonary function technician.
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Moreover, the medical assisting training curriculum is more than adequate to prepare a medical assistant for advanced training in pulmonary function testing and eventual certification as a pulmonary function technician through the National Board for Respiratory Care.
To pulmonary function technicians: the characterization of the respiratory system in terms of dissipative resistances, volume-related compliances, and mass-related inertances.

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