pulmonary cavity

pul·mo·nar·y cav·i·ty

one of the bilateral subdivisions of the thoracic cavity lying on either side of the mediastinum, lined with parietal pleura and occupied by a lung; the space existing when a lung is removed. The term is not synonymous with pleural cavity, which is a space between the parietal and visceral pleura that is normally empty except for a fine layer of pleural fluid and that surrounds (but does not contain) the lung.
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Pathogen invasion of the lungs might induce pneumonia and pulmonary cavity, causing the rapid development of sepsis.
She remained ill through late July, when radiography revealed a pulmonary cavity and her sputum smear had numerous AFB.
A single pulmonary cavity containing a fungal ball, supported by serologic or microbiologic evidence of infection with Aspergillus species in patients who are not immunocompromised and are asymptomatic or have only minor symptoms and no radiographic evidence of progression for at least 3 months.
DISCUSSION: Fritz Valdemar Rasmussen, a Danish physician, who first described the rasmussen's aneurysm as a pulmonary vessel passing through the wall of a tuberculous pulmonary cavity with an aneurysmal dilatation of this vessel into the cavity.
The pulmonary cavity reduced in size on serial CTs and he was discharged home.
The operation has two steps: (i) removal of the germinative layer; and (ii) management of the residual pulmonary cavity. Simple cysts are generally removed after needle aspiration or enucleation without needle aspiration.