pulmonary area

pul·mo·nar·y ar·e·a

the region of the chest at the second left intercostal space, where sounds produced at the pulmonary valve of the right ventricle are heard most distinctly.
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Mean Age (Years) 49.4 [+ or -] 7.9 42.5 [+ or -] 15.4 Gender Males 64% 54% Females 36% 46% Dyspnoea 100% 85.8% Loud P2 in 18% 72% Pulmonary Area (PA) Mehrotra et al.
Physical examination by the primary care health team revealed that the ejection systolic murmur was loudest over the pulmonary area. There were no other constitutional signs of heart failure.
Per-operatively, a hard mass of about 6cm x 5cm was found in the aorto pulmonary area below the arch of aorta along with the pulmonary artery but not invading the vessels.
Clinical examination revealed ejection systolic murmur in pulmonary area with wide fixed splitting of 2nd heart sound.
(9) Accentuated 2nd heart sound over the pulmonary area of chronic TB patients is associated with an unfavorable outcome.
The Echo Tip Pro Core Endobronchial Ultrasound Needle gives physicians the ability to retrieve both cell and tissue samples from lymph nodes or tumors in the pulmonary area. The Echo Tip ProCore EBUS needle is a single-use needle that collects cell and tissue samples in order for a physician to diagnose lung cancer and various mediastinal diseases.
Chest exam revealed ejection systolic murmur in pulmonary area. Other system examination revealed no abnormality.
Physical examination revealed a Surgical retrieval of an embolized septal occluder 3/6 systolic murmur at the pulmonary area. Echocardiographic examination showed the ASD and transcatheter device closure was considered.
On previous occasions, I had performed well in the pulmonary area (120 per cent -- well above 80 per cent which is considered "normal").
On cardiac examination loud S2 and systolic murmur of 5/6 present in pulmonary area.
Physical examination was normal except for a 2/6 systolic murmur at pulmonary area. Her chest X-ray and electrocardiogram were also normal.
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