pulmonary alveolar microlithiasis

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the formation of minute concretions in an organ.
microlithiasis alveola´ris pulmo´num (pulmonary alveolar microlithiasis) a condition simulating pulmonary tuberculosis, with deposition of minute calculi in the alveoli of the lungs.
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pul·mo·nar·y al·ve·o·lar mi·cro·li·thi·a·sis

microscopic granules of calcium or bone disseminated throughout the lungs.
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pul·mo·nar·y al·ve·o·lar mi·cro·lith·i·a·sis

(pul'mŏ-nār-ē al-vē'ă-lăr mī'krō-li-thī'ă-sis)
Microscopic granules of calcium or bone disseminated throughout the lungs.
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