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1. to strain a muscle.
2. the injury sustained in a muscle strain.


verb To remove a drug from the marketplace, usually because of adverse reactions.
Sexology verb
A primarily British usage, meaning:
(1) To kiss someone;
(2) To initiate a seduction;
(3) To attract (pull) a sexually desirable person in one’s immediate surroundings.


A colloquial term for a muscle strain.


to remove a sick animal from a pen in a feedlot for treatment. See also daily pull and dead records.

pull rate
a daily percentage of the cattle in a feedlot which are pulled out of the feeding pens and relegated to the hospital yards or sent for emergency slaughter.

Patient discussion about pull

Q. Pulling pain in anus. Dear friends, I am 32. I feel a Pulling pain in anus sometimes while i finish passing stool and some times when i sit for long time. No bleeding so far. Is it a symptoms of piles? If so what can be done to cure it without going to doctor or operation. Please help me. This pain makes me to feel that i am very old.

A. horsechestnut is supposed to help...here is some info about it:

but i wouldn't get my hopes high.

Q. What would you do if a friend showed up to your house and pulled out a quarter pound of cocaine? True story: What would you do if a friend showed up to your house and pulled out a quarter pound of cocaine, and a bunch of other narcotics all bagged up individually, and then asked if you wanted the first go at them?

A. First of all, I'd probably go ‘Hey, what do you think you are DOING with all that! And why the hell are you at my house with this load of rubbish?? But then I'd probably calm down a bit, and we'd go round to the police station, just round the corner from my place and hand it in. I have a lot more conscience now than I used to and there is no way I am going to encourage a situation like this!

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Once more, the pilot pulled back on the stick and became airborne.
However, this isn't the first time the stock has dipped below support at the 17 level since it pulled back to this level.
Whitpain Township Chairman Joseph Palmer said the application was pulled back at the supervisors meeting last week.
Apparently investors weren't impressed with the results, as the stock has pulled back, dropping below support at its ascending 10-day and 20-day moving average.
Summary: The NZD/JPY pulled back from the yearly high (65.
3, medical personnel planned to have it pulled back 4 to 5 centimeters.
This rally has carried the security above its declining 10-day moving average, but the stock has pulled back to rest on this trendline.
When he pulled back into his lane, about a mile north of state Highway 126, he saw headlights heading toward him and swerved onto the dirt shoulder to miss the oncoming car.
Just as striking, gun-rights proponents in other states have pulled back legislation they were hoping to get passed this year.
In fact, the stock has pulled back since hitting its new high and broken through support at its ascending 10-day moving average.
While the majors decide if they are moving up or down from their respective levels, the AUD/CHF has pulled back down to a support level while in an uptrend.
They gasped when he pulled back the carpet to reveal warped, rotted floorboards.