puerperal metritis

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inflammation of the uterus.
metritis dis´secans metritis with necrosis of portions of the uterine wall.
puerperal metritis infection of the uterus of the puerperal woman.
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Thus based upon history and clinical observations, the case was diagnosed as puerperal metritis. The antibiotic sensitivity test revealed bacterial sensitivity to Ceftriaxone (++++), Oxytetracycline (+ + +), Enrofloxacin (+ +), Gentamicin (++), Ampicillin (+) and Ciprofloxacin (+) after 48 hours of incubation.
High mortality rate reported with toxic puerperal metritis in buffaloes during postpartum (Jainuddin, 1986).
Puerperal metritis has been defined as condition when animal has an abnormally enlarged uterus and fetid watery red brown uterine discharge associated with signs of systemic illness (decreased milk yield, dullness or other signs of toxemia) and fever >39.5[degrees]C, within 21 days after parturition.
Metritis: Puerperal metritis is an acute systemic illness due to infection of uterus with bacteria, usually within 10 days after parturition and characterized by reduced milk yield, illness, anorexia, elevated heart rate, fetid red-brown watery uterine discharge and usually pyrexia in severe cases with dehydration.
Puerperal metritis (PM) had higher frequency in buffaloes (P<0.01) and cows (P>0.05) with calving difficulty (75% and 62.5%) as compared to those having normal calving (0 and 20%).
The history, clinical finding, per-rectal examination of enlarged and inflamed uterus and presence of copious amount of foul smelling pus during straining at time of rectal palpation were sufficient to make diagnosis as puerperal metritis.
Based on history it was diagnosed as puerperal metritis and treated symptomatically.
On the basis of history, clinical findings and observation the cow was initially suspected for toxic puerperal metritis.
Accordingly, the cases were diagnosed as puerperal metritis and decided to treat medicinally.