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Duplicate submission or redundant publication of a similar data set is considered unethical.
In its June 2006 issue, BtoB Media Business described the 25 publications as having "shaped the business publishing industry.
It was the first time in the nation's history that a court had ever enjoined--forbidden--the publication of a news article on national-security grounds.
The School Counselor was in publication from the early 1950s and Elementary School Guidance Journal was in publication from the 1960s; a prior journal, Elementary Counselor, was in publication 1953-1954 (Ulrich's Periodicals Directory, 2004).
Clearly we need additional requirements for publication that include submission of expression data to public data repositories.
These two reports were combined in 1982 to create the annual publication, Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted.
The tables that now appear in the Financial and Business Statistics section of the Bulletin will be published monthly as a separate publication titled Statistical Supplement to the Federal Reserve Bulletin.
He thinks The Industry Standard was a great little publication that could and should have been saved, and would have been saved if the bean counters at IDG hadn't hewn to their own agendas.
If you have a hodge-podge of publications in one company, and you think you'll be better able to sell them if you group them all together by publication type, this ruling will let you do it without catastrophic tax consequences, Engel says.
The publication is designed for a broad range of readers, from students to CEOs, and its main goal is to provide solutions useful to them at every level of their careers, from student to retiree.
BNA had this publication available the day Congress voted to override Truman's veto.