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In biomedical ethics and clinical decision analysis, the satisfaction or economic advantage gained from the outcome that results from a particular decision.
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5828 which ostensibly provides for a statutory definition of a public utility but which is actually a subterfuge to allow foreigners to own public utility enterprises without complying with the citizenship requirement imposed by the Constitution,' Lagman said in an earlier statement.
128/2011 declaring the construction of a concrete bridge that crosses Wadi Bani Hani to connect a number of villages in Wilayat of A'Rustaq as a public utility project.
According to the bill, public utility is defined as covering three sectors-the distribution of electricity, transmission of electricity, and the water pipeline distribution system or sewerage pipeline system.
The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission processes all motor carrier insurance filings for the state.
The six state public utility commissions in PacifiCorp's service area - the California Public Utilities Commission, Idaho Public Utilities Commission, Oregon Public Utility Commission, Public Service Commission of Utah, Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission and Wyoming Public Service Commission - have issued final written orders approving the acquisition of PacifiCorp from ScottishPower by MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company.
ANGLETON, Texas -- OverNite Software announced today that the Missouri Public Utility Alliance (MPUA) via the Missouri Association of Municipal Utilities chose OverNite Software's learning management and delivery solution to convey utility-related training to their members' employees and registered contractors.
The utility is organized as two separately secured financial enterprises, the public utility (secured by electric, gas, telecom, and transportation revenues) and the waterworks system (secured by water revenues).
The approval of this application brings Newfoundland Power's revenue recognition policy into the mainstream of both Canadian business practice and public utility practice.
The ratings are based on the strength and stability of the underlying TCs as established by the Public Utility Regulatory Act (the act), which establishes the irrevocable and nonbypassable TCs and defines bondholders' property right to the collateral, and the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) financing order, which authorizes CenterPoint to issue transition bonds and impose the TCs in an amount sufficient to recover the principal and interest on the bonds as well as any other costs of issuance such as providing for credit enhancement, servicing fees, or other expenses.

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