public relations

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public relations,

n the art and science of promoting good will within the public by a corporation or governmental agency.
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Harris accused me of slighting the marketing function in my textbook, "Effective Public Relations," saying, "I think that marketing PR, which accounts for some 70 percent of the business handled by agencies worldwide, deserves more than a two-page kiss-off.
In addition to the national conference, another key initiative this year for Philadelphia PRSA is to offer public relations programming and education to the 6,000 members of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, of which it is a member.
They have an understanding of public relations from a pragmatic, programming point of view.
Young is president of Young Communications Group, Los Angeles, a strategic communication agency specializing in providing public relations and marketing communication for health care and nonprofits as well as developing communication programs to reach emerging majority populations.
based Phillips & Company, and an IPRA Fellow, believes that we in public relations have allowed "a huge proportion of our work to be usurped by others.
Fewer than one-third of the respondents reported holding memberships in either IABC or the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), and only a quarter reported memberships in local or regional press clubs or similar professional groups.
It was named "Saint-Petersburg Association of Public Relations Specialists.
Philadelphia PRSA, with more than 500 individual members, represents a large pool of public relations talent from the area's agencies, corporations and non-profit organizations," said PRSA President Michele Chierici.
A December 1993 report of the Task Force on Integrated Communications, a project that grew out of the 1991 Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communications national meeting, stated, "Changes in practice show a trendline more toward integrated communication strategies on the part of advertising agencies, public relations finns, corporations and other types of organizations.
NEW YORK -- The Council of Public Relations Firms, the industry's trade association, announced the election of new officers and directors.
In her book, 'Public Relations in Health Care,' Kathy Lewton describes a typical hospital public relations program that fits many U.
Awards Spotlight the Best in Local Public Relations Strategies, Programs and Tactics

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