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public opinion,

n the pooled judgment or attitude of the public in regard to a specific issue. Public opinion is generally determined by polling a sample of the population, using statistical tools. Elections are formal public opinion polls by which registered voter citizens register their choice of candidates and referenda.
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In this program, keeping the public opinion in mind, the clauses will be given final shape, said a statement on Monday.
Political scientists study links between public opinion and national security in democracies facing the most acute and sustained national security challenges posed by authoritarian regimes right at their doorstep.
Finally, through the accurate identification and tracking of social contradictions, we can judge the network public opinion crisis of social contradictions as early as possible so as to minimize the crisis level and adverse effects.
Public opinion towards European integration and the EU is divided, especially in the wake of the economic crisis.
Just as a video was leaked on May 27 showing a hardline lawmaker, Mehdi Kouchakzadeh, in a nasty exchange with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, who leads the nuclear negotiations with six Western powers, a public opinion survey--yet to be made public--indicated public opinion favors a comprehensive nuclear deal.
Scholars who study the discourse of America's contemporary presidents are familiar with the rhetorical presidency, the idea that presidents often circumvent Congress, instead appealing directly to public opinion to garner support for their presidential vision.
Some of the section titles give a good sense of the content: the historical- cultural role of public opinion, public opinion as theatre, and the operation of public opinion as enunciation.
The modern concept of public opinion was proposed in 1762.
Described in the journal Chaos, produced by AIP Publishing, the work reveals several surprises about how Twitter shapes public opinion, said Fei Xiong, a lecturer at Beijing Jiaotong University who gathered and analyzed the data with Professor Yun Liu.
A critical relationship has developed between state policies and public opinion - public opinion is the true reflection of political dispensation.
poll held by the All-Russian Centre for Study of Public Opinion, said.
The center, which was opened on the occasion of the 39th anniversary of the October Liberation War, will also convey the Russian principal stances to the Syrian public opinion in cooperation with Russian media outlets to consolidate friendship ties between the two peoples.