pubic tubercle

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1. a nodule or small eminence, especially one on a bone, for attachment of a tendon; see also tuber and tuberosity. Called also tuberculum. adj., adj tuber´cular, tuber´culate.
2. a small, rounded nodule produced by the bacillus of tuberculosis (Mycobacterium tuberculosis). It is made up of small spherical cells that contain giant cells and are surrounded by spindle-shaped epithelioid cells.
fibrous tubercle a tubercle of bacillary origin that contains connective tissue elements.
Ghon tubercle Ghon focus.
mental tubercle a prominence on the inner border of either side of the mental protuberance of the mandible.
miliary tubercle one of the many minute tubercles formed in many organs in acute miliary tuberculosis.
pubic tubercle a prominent tubercle at the lateral end of the pubic crest.
supraglenoid tubercle one on the scapula for attachment of the long head of the biceps muscle.
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pu·bic tu·ber·cle

a small palpable projection at the anterior extremity of the crest of the pubis about 2 cm from the symphysis; site of insertion of the inguinal ligament.
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pu·bic tu·ber·cle

(pyū'bik tū'bĕr-kĕl) [TA]
A small palpable projection at the anterior extremity of the crest of the pubis about 2 cm from the symphysis; site of insertion of the inguinal ligament.
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Based on the results of this study, we suggest that during the practice of chemical neurolysis treatment to thigh adductor muscles spasticity, one could measure on body surface the length between greater trochanter of femur and pubic tubercle (H line), and the length from greater trochanter of femur to lateral epicondyle of femur (L line).
If the tissues of the patient are weak and unsuitable for posterior wall repair, the inferior epigastric vessels are divided, the pre and retroperitoneal spaces from the pubic tubercle to the inguinal ligament are dissected and then a large synthetic mesh is placed into these spaces so that the entire peritoneal reflection in the inguinal canal is wrapped.
P) was located at 36.07 % lateral to the pubic tubercle along line H and at 32.06 % distal to the pubic tubercle along line L.
The mesh was then sutured along its lower edge to pubic tubercle, lacunar ligament and to the inguinal ligament beyond the internal ring with a continuous suture of 3-0 Prolene.
The upper leaf of the EOA is then sutured with the inguinal ligament from the pubic tubercle to the deep inguinal ring using Vicryl 1-0/Prolene 1-0 continuous sutures [Fig.
It commences from dorsum of foot, passes in front of medial malleolus straight up to posteromedial aspect of the knee joint, one hand breadth posterior to patella and then up to the fossa ovalis or saphenous opening (4 cm below and lateral to pubic tubercle) where it enters the femoral vein.
Then master stitch was taken from pubic tubercle to the conjoint tendon with 0/1-1 silk sutures.
The first stitch was taken from the pubic tubercle and a darn was made locking each stitch between tendinous conjoint tendon and inguinal ligament, without tension in an interwoven fashion.
The lowness of pubic tubercle is associated with narrow origin of internal oblique muscle from lateral inguinal ligament.
of knots by fixing the prolene mesh by continous sutures and only knot was applied at pubic tubercle and this leads to reduced pain.
On Examination there was about 25 to 30 cm gut mucosal prolapse through an excoriated wound present in right groin below and lateral to pubic tubercle. Abdomen was distended, non tender without guarding and rigidity.
Any number of measures have been used to characterize differences in pelvic morphology, including pubic arch angle, diameter of the pelvic inlet, pelvic depth (i.e., anterior-posterior distance between the pubic tubercles and posterior superior iliac spines [PSISs]), and distance between the anterior superior iliac spine (ASIS) (Figure 1) [11-13].