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Relating to or marked by ptosis.
Synonym(s): ptosed
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Relating to or marked by ptosis.
Synonym(s): ptosed.
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(tō′sĭs) [Gr. ptosis, a dropping]
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PTOSIS: involutional ptosis, associated with the loss of elasticity of the eyelid
Dropping or drooping of an organ or part, as the upper eyelid from paralysis, or the visceral organs from weakness of the abdominal muscles. See: illustrationptotic (tŏt′ĭk), adjective; ptosed (tōst), adjective
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For example, the sternal notchto-nipple distance showed a mean discrepancy of 10 [+ or -] 9 mm in hypoplastic breasts, 21 [+ or -] 5 mm in cases of macromastia, and 15 [+ or -] 5 mm in ptotic breasts.
Two or more asymmetric parameters were found in 67% of women with hypoplastic breasts, 65% of women with macromastia, and 68% of women with ptotic breasts.
The inherent risk of reduced blood supply to the NAC for very ptotic breasts is real but we did not expect NAC loss with the 3rd case.
A review of the literature was conducted on all cases of NSM and reduction mastopexy for women with large-volume, ptotic breasts.
The testing involved digital photograph analysis of the participant's ptotic eye under two conditions, specifically with no crutch and when wearing the ptosis crutch.
He offers historical background and then covers patient education, anatomy, photographic imaging, implants and implant-soft tissue dynamics; coverage continues another 15 or so topics and ends with glandular ptotic and constricted lower pole breasts, augmentation mastopexy, and a chapter on applying proved processes as exemplified in clinical case studies.
The majority of these pupils in ptotic eyes had poor reflex response to light for which clinical examination revealed no cause.
When performing unilateral reconstruction in elderly women with ptotic breasts, permanent expandable implants provide good long-term cosmetic and oncologic outcomes [10, 77].
When the patient fixates with the nonparetic eye (left), the paretic eye (right) will take a hypotropic position and the upper lid may be slightly ptotic. Fixation with the paretic eye (right) will cause a hypertropia of the nonparetic eye (left), and ptosis may disappear, provided the levator palpebrae is not involved (PHOTO 5).
Postoperatively, the nostrils and tip were elevated completely off their retruded ptotic position (figure 5).
For patients with excessively long lateral crura and for those with persistently ptotic tips despite more conservative maneuvers, lateral crural segment excisions may be performed.