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Term loosely used for any of the compounds containing pteridine; specifically, 2-amino-4-hydroxypteridine. Some pteridines (for example, xanthopterin, leucopterin) still retain the pterin root.
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IL-6 has been shown to be modulated by calcium pterin, similar in structure to calcium folate which is more potent.
Fluorescence of pterin, 6-formylpterin, 6-carboxypterin and folic acid in aqueous solution: pH effects.
In the female striped plateau lizard the orange-coloured patches they develop during the reproductive season are based on pterin pigments, not on carotenoids, so this trade-off between ornaments and eggs may be eliminated," said Stacey Weiss.
NOS contains the internal reductants NADPH and flavins, but without a fully-reduced (tetrahydro) pterin bound like BH4, product is not formed.
The Punch locus of Drosophila encodes GTP cyclohydrolase I, a multimeric enzyme that catalyzes the first step in pterin biosynthesis.
Because the pterin molecule is endogenous (part of human chemistry), no visible toxicity was observed at dosages over four times its therapeutic level.
These conditions can be detected only by abnormal monoamine metabolite and pterin profiles in CSF (57).
This disappearance is due to the instability of serum folate species, which undergo oxidative cleavage of the C9-N10 bond and oxidation of the pterin ring (24).
4] deficiencies is based on neonatal screening for phenylketonuria and urinary pterin analysis (17).
Merck Eprova specializes in the manufacturing of pterin and folate-derived pharmaceuticals, similar to Phenoptin.
Pterin concentrations in the urine were within the reference interval.
Prenatal diagnosis of PTPS deficiency at 15-24 weeks gestation has been made on the basis of pterin concentrations in amniotic fluid and enzymatic activity in fetal erythrocytes (7).