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Robert makes a very important argument about the ultimate importance of the public relations aspect of PSYOP. When the Johnson Administration lost credibility with the American public, it was almost impossible to regain it, thus contributing to increasing domestic opposition to the war.
As a part of its strategic refocusing, Psyop has also officially joined forces with its sister company, Blacklist, consolidating both agencies' executive leadership and sales teams to strengthen and optimize their production capabilities and output.
PSYOPs, for instance, entail persuasion in that one hears echoes of retail tycoon John Wanamaker: "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half." Unpredictability is higher if leveraging social media rather than mass media, because the former depends on the willingness of those receiving the message to pass it on and thus have it go viral.
Theories - whether they are about extraterrestrials, lighthouses, time travellers from the future, burning trucks of manure, psyops, practical jokes or secret prototype drones are just that - theories - nothing more.
For example, a proposed PSYOP activity might "target" a foreign audience whose behavior and actions targeteers want to influence, but an EW operation might target signals from a radio tower.
While PSYOP is in the process of changing its name to Military Information Support Operations (MISO), other profound changes have been under way for some time.
TIMES, July 3, 2004, (reporting US military toppling statue as a PSYOP); Barstow, supra note 216; see generally RAMPTON &, STAUBER, supra note 218 (documenting the Pentagon's widespread operations to manage perceptions about the invasion and occupation).
There are three Department of Defense (DOD) activities that can be construed as overlapping with public diplomacy: Information Operations (IO), Psychological Operations (PSYOP), and Public Affairs (PA).
Psyop activities include electronic warfare, computer network operations, military deception and operations security.
(PSYOP), (35) Public Affairs (PA), and Defense Support to Public
The large volume of patients seen at the medical and dental clinics resulted from advance work by members of the USAR's 310th Psychological Operations (Psyop) Company from Atlanta, Georgia.
My son Michael spent 13 months in Iraq (May 2007 to June 2008), the last eight with a three-man Tactical Psyop [Psychological Operations] Team or TPT, billeted at a forward operating base (FOB) in a strategic Sunni city south of Baghdad.