psyllium seed

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1. the mature ovule of a flowering plant.
2. semen.
3. a small cylindrical shell of gold or other suitable material, used in application of radiation therapy.
4. to inoculate a culture medium with microorganisms.
plantago seed (plantain seed) (psyllium seed) cleaned, dried ripe seed of species of Plantago; used as a bulk-forming laxative.
radon seed a small sealed container for radon, for insertion into the tissues of the body in radiotherapy.
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psyl·li·um seed

(sil'ē-ŭm sēd),
The cleaned, dried ripe seed of Plantago indica, P. isphagula, or of P. ovata. A mild cathartic that acts by absorbing water and providing indigestible mucilaginous bulk for the intestines. Must not be used in intestinal obstruction.
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psyllium seed

The dried ripe seed of the psyllium plant (Plantago afra), grown in France, Spain, and India; used as a mild laxative. It is also used in symptomatic treatment of diarrhea. It enhances stool consistency by absorbing water from the bowel contents.
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In recent years, cereal manufacturers have added psyllium seeds to their product for cholesterol-lowering effects.
Oat bran, however, is low in soluble comparison with psyllium seed, an old-time remedy used to promote bowel regulari such products as Metamucil, Serutan, Fiberall and now also in two new breakfast "Heartwise" and General Mills' Benefit."
Microbial accessible just means prebiotics that feed the probiotic population in our intestines such as chia seeds, flax seeds, and psyllium seeds. She also provided references for the various ingredients.
Organic psyllium is derived from the whole husks of organic psyllium seeds milled with certified organic equipment to separate the whole husks.
Start consuming fibers like bran cereal, psyllium seeds, dried beans, prunes, and oat meals.
Sources of soluble fiber: Beans, peas, and lentils; rice, oat, barley, corn, and wheat brans; apples, oranges, carrots, potatoes, and squash; corn and popcorn; seeds and nuts; whole-grain breads, cereals, and pasta; and psyllium seeds.
These contain the husks of psyllium seeds. They're rich in insoluble fibre and absorb water to prevent constipation.
Psyllium is available in various forms such as psyllium seeds, psyllium husk, psyllium husk powder, psyllium industrial powder etc.
FAST TRACK 80% of the fiber in a typical diet is insoluble; viscous soluble fiber is found in whole-grain cereals, fruits, beans, and psyllium seeds
Water-soluble fiber (such as that found in oats, apples, beans and psyllium seeds) is best at lowering cholesterol.
Psyllium seeds (different from psyllium husk) contain a fermentable fiber that encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria in the colon.